One Week

As of this evening, we’ve had the little one for a week. Casper is starting to play with her a bit sometimes but he spends a lot of time determined to ignore her too. Sometimes he gives me this look like, “Mom, why did you bring her home?” Sometimes she licks his ears and cuddles up to him. Other times, she pokes him, trying to entice him to play. She also sometimes gets growled at for trying to steal toys right out of his mouth.  There’s an adjustment period, I get that. They’re working on it.


I’m learning more about what she knows and what she hasn’t learned yet.

She rides super-well in the truck, calmly napping in her puppy seat. She waits quietly if I have to run into somewhere briefly. I can’t leave her long, of course, but in the early morning or late night or if I leave the truck and A/C running, I can make a quick run in somewhere and know that she’ll be quiet and calm as she waits.

She handles visits places like the UPS store, the laundromat, and the pet store calmly if I carry her. If she’s on the ground and expected to walk, she is a bit nervous. I suspect that she was carried a lot and I’m considering getting a bag for her but I’d rather have her walk on her own feet. She does warm up a lot quicker than Casper did when we first got him. She starts out nervous but by the time we leave, she’s tail-up happy and confident. If we have to wait, like for laundry or she has to wait for me to drink my starbucks, she is happy to curl up on my lap or sit under my chair. This is good. We travel and her flexibility is going to be important.

She seems to be house trained. We haven’t had any accidents yet but we do have to watch her carefully. She doesn’t bark or give loud indications of needing out. She just stares briefly and quietly at the door.

She walks politely on a leash most of the time. By that, I mean that she doesn’t let the leash tighten up and rarely crosses over under my feet. It needs a bit of work and isn’t a formal heel by any stretch of the imagination but it’s pretty good.

Her recall is good from close up with minimal distractions but not good at a distance or if she’s in the middle of playing. Luckily, Casper’s recall is reliable and she loves to chase him so we’ve been using his recall for both of them when loose in the yard. The yard is 2.5 acres so I’d hate to have to chase her on it.

She doesn’t sit or down on cue. I haven’t even tried anything more complicated. This baffles me. Why not teach such easy basic things?

She is also not crate trained. I get the impression that her person took her pretty much everywhere and never left her alone. We did a test leaving her alone and she cried on and off for nearly an hour before I gave in and went inside to her. I did wait until one of her quiet periods to go in.  The way our work schedules are, we don’t need to leave our dogs alone constantly but Casper typically was alone for 5-10 hours a week, not more than 5 hours at a stretch. Sometimes we want to go out together, you know? Right now we can’t. That’s a problem but we’ll work on it.

I feel a bit overwhelmed. There’s so much for her to learn and she has a lot of puppy mischief in her. Still, I can tell that she’s bright and trainable. She’ll learn. I just have to figure out where to start.

Gamer Boy has totally fallen in love with her even though he was a little reluctant at first. He’s always that way about changes. He doesn’t dive in as impulsively as I do but he comes around.


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