Fluffy Friendship?

Bella torments my old guy. She stands on him and tugs at his ears. She nips at his paws until he gets fed up and whacks her with it. They chase each other back and forth at high speed. I worry that one of them will get hurt but I’m not sure who to worry about – my fragile senior who tries to keep up with the adolescent puppy or the 10-pound puppy who is less than half his size and so delicately built? 

At the same time, when I separate them because I’m so sure Casper needs a break, he gives me sad eyes like, “Why did you take her away?” They don’t usually cuddle but they’re coexisting more peacefully. In a rare sleepy moment yesterday morning, she was licking his paw and he was sniffing at her face, not objecting. It gave me hope that they’re becoming friends, whatever that means for dogs. 


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