Flexi Leashes

In general, I get nervous when I see someone using a flexi leash with their dog. All too often, Casper and I have been charged by a dog on one that wants to play or is aggressive. Then they get tangled with us and Casper freaks out. I do think they have their place, I just think too many people over-use them.


And yet, here is a picture with each dog on their own flexi. First, to be clear, we’re on the dock on the property where we live. There were not any other dogs, leashed or loose anywhere nearby. No one to get tangled in the length. It’s also a great picture to see the size and color differences between the dogs.

With Casper, I use a flexi for two things. I use it as a potty leash. I take him where I want him to go and give him the potty cue. Once he goes, I either let him off leash to roam free or switch to a more standard leash for walking. This works for us. I don’t have to track down dog crap in a large yard and it reinforces the potty cue. Plus, there’s a better chance that I won’t get stuck hauling a bag of dog crap on a walk. With Bella, we haven’t gotten to the potty cue stage but I still release from the leash as a reward after she goes.

With Casper, I also use the flexi as a way to keep him near me in the yard or restrict his activity. In those cases, I attach the flexi to my belt. He can sniff and mark as desired but I can keep track of where he is. I won’t be able to do this with both dogs at once, of course.

Do I ever use a flexi in public? Sometimes in specific circumstances. Usually in an open unfenced area without other people nearby and a long enough sight-line that I can switch leashed before other people come in range.  We don’t use the flexi for walks or really anything but a quick potty stop.