Groomer Visit

Today, the little one went to the groomer. It was really difficult to leave her when I’ve barely had her for 10 days but the life of a poodle includes groomer visits. Unless their owner is going to take care of the bathing and blow drying and cutting themselves, they need time with a professional. I’ll brush my dog daily and maintain their coat but I depend on professionals for the bathing and cutting. That means Bella will have to make her peace with the groomer.


Luckily for her, Casper’s groomer is fantastic. They also do doggie daycare there and well behaved dogs can be loose on the floor or the backyard and play with the other dogs. It’s very low-key. There are shops closer to my home with lower fees but they’re high-volume shops, loud with barking dogs in crates. Their energy is chaotic and rushed. This shop isn’t like that. Casper is notorious for being high-strung and difficult at a rushed groomer. He’ll growl or even grab-bite if he is stressed and thinks he can get away with it. This groomer handles him well so I felt confident that they’d treat Bella right too.


She’s too short to need a cut yet so she just got what the groomer called, “face, feet, and fanny,” basically, bath, brush out, and trim face, feet, and sanitary area. I think she looks adorable with her little poodle toes and clean poodle face. Luckily, she was far more cooperative than Casper. Plus she was totally exhausted from playing with the other dogs. A tired puppy is a good puppy so we may have to consider doing daycare sometimes too.


We did get bad news though. The groomer does not think that Bella’s black ear tips will stay if they have to be cut off. They’re just black at the tips as part of her puppy coloring. She’s a sable and will probably still lighten up quite a bit before her final color settles around 3-ish years old. I love those black ear tips so I was pretty sad to realize that. Of course, she’s a poodle and fairly light. They can dye her if I really want her to be fun colored.